Andy Grammer’s In Love with a Stranger – Sorta – in New Single, “Fresh Eyes”


Next month, Andy Grammer will kick off a tour with Train, and then he’ll segue into a long co-headlining tour with Gavin DeGraw. Good thing he’ll have a brand new song to perform by then.

Andy released a sneak peek of the new single on Twitter: it’s called “Fresh Eyes” and it’s out on Friday.  The concept behind the song is how all the woman he loves has to do is change her look a bit, and suddenly, he falls in love with her all over again.

“Suddenly, I’m in love with a stranger/I can’t believe that she’s mine,” sings Andy. “Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes.”

Before he unveiled the title, Andy ran a little contest online asking fans to guess what the name of the single was.  He gave us the “F” and the “E” and everyone tried to fill in the blanks. Among his favorite guesses: “Frog Eggs” and “Fast Elks.”

As for whether or not the song is the first track from an upcoming album, Andy hasn’t said anything about that yet.