Pop Star Andy Grammer Plays Private Concert For Fan Battling Cancer

From minnesota.cbslocal.com
Author: Jennifer Mayerle
March 27, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities man battling cancer is smiling after a special visit with a popular musician. Andy Grammer and his band spent their day off Monday with a fan who couldn’t make Tuesday night’s show because of his health.

The moment was magical for Alex and Becky Asche. A Facebook video shows the couple on the couch with Andy Grammer singing in their living room.

“He comes up the stairs he’s like ‘Hey dude! Hey man!’ I was going to say hey and I just started crying,” Alex Asche said.

The musician has had an impact on the couple. His latest single Smoke Clears spoke to them.

“The song kind of relates to us because we kind of had similar things happening,” Alex Asche said.

It’s about really being there for someone. Alex was there when Becky lost her mom to cancer. And Becky has been by Alex’s side since the 37-year-old’s stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis in late 2016.

“When that song came out he’d sing it to me and we’d both start crying and, ‘oh my gosh, kind of our story,’” Becky Asche said.

So having met and greet tickets to Grammer’s Minneapolis show was more than a big deal. But they couldn’t predict Alex’s health would prevent them from attending. After a year filled with chemotherapy and surgery, a recent complication resulted in an extended hospital stay.

“I thought we’ve got to get him to meet Andy Grammer because I knew he couldn’t make it to his concert just too sick to go,” Becky Asche said.

Becky, determined to lift her husband’s spirit for his birthday, asked friends on Facebook to flood Grammer with messages to meet Alex. Grammer, who lost his own mom to breast cancer, answered in a big way with a private in-home show.

“It’s almost like a selfish move because you get to meet these incredible people who are inspiring and going through something and still smiling and getting through it so the whole band was affected, it was amazing,” Grammer said.

A day later, the couple is still smiling.

“Just to see him smile again was really nice because he hadn’t been smiling in quite a while,” Becky Asche said.

“If there was one thing I would say it’s ‘I love you, Andy Grammer, you’re wonderful,’” Alex Asche said.

Alex and Andy both say the credit goes to Becky, who started all of it with a thoughtful idea.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the couple with medical expenses.